Improving the online car dealership experience acorss the UK

mini — National Dealership  

  • Product design
  • Prototyping
  • Ux/Ui development
  • Blimp Studio

EMO hired me to lead the re-design of Minis’ new dealership websites. The new design system needed to be flexible enough for each dealership to feel like they could reflect their dealership while staying true to the MINI Brand.

As part of the process, we developed a hypothesis based on user research and interviews, quickly creating prototypes to test and learn. This helped to change some long-held brand conventions and ensured the new site was always focused on the customer, giving them an engaging and stimulating experience whilst maintaining functionality, allowing them to make an informed decision about the suitable model.

Drag-and-drop code components

Working with the education team, we developed a new innovative code block module. One that would display a specific piece of code, explain how it worked, simple parameter definition, then allow the user to drag and drop the code element into the main body giving feedback it, using subtle micro-interactions to help the user understand where the code syntax should be placed.

Elevating the online experience

Animation and an asymmetric layout were used to excite and engage the user while reflecting the Mini's rebel branding, clear typographic hierarchy allowed the user to find relevant pieces of information and search the car’s options.

A streamlined system

After completing multiple sprints and solving many user issues, I ran a streamlining sprint where the whole team reviewed every aspect of the site, allowing us to consolidate similar components. This allowed us to create an optimised modular design system that provides flexibility and efficient build.

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