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  • Art Direction
  • Braning
  • Wbsite Design
  • cx partners

Unum presented cxpartners with a significant challenge to revolutionise critical areas of their website and enhance the efficiency of essential user journeys. These journeys, previously a source of frustration for users and a detriment to their business, were transformed into a seamless and enjoyable experience.

My role in this project, entrusted to me by CX Partners, was to lead the brand development and digital design. In the spirit of close collaboration with their internal design team, we conducted a series of brand review and analysis workshops. The result was a new set of distinct UK brand attributes, which guided the new site design, tailored to the needs of their SME audience.

As part of this transformation, we departed from generic illustrations and established a new set of photography rules. These rules were designed to capture the essence of their customers and work life, fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

The work we undertook reduced user frustration, allowing them to find the information they required twice as fast. It also helped chart a new  direction for the company that they have continued to follow.

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