Creating an engaging visual identity for customer centricity  campaign

cx partners

  • Art Direction
  • Web Design
  • Whitepaper design
  • Social Campaigns
  • Ilustration

When cx partners needed help launching their new white paper on customer centricity, they asked me for help. I worked closely with their internal marketing team to create a suite of new illustrations, which I then used across their website and social media accounts to create a cohesive and engaging campaign.

Driving online engagement

Working closely with the CX Partner marketing team, I led the charge in establishing the campaign's digital presence. Our objective was clear: to engage a diverse global audience of company leaders, drive white paper downloads, and encourage participation in the customer-centric self-assessment. To achieve this, we strategically integrated the bespoke illustrations, infusing them with dynamic animation to captivate our audience.

Bespoke illustrations

Hand in hand with CX Partners, we unearthed the core concepts they aimed to communicate. I then transformed these ideas into unique, captivating visuals, each one a bespoke creation. These illustrations served as the unifying thread, weaving all elements of the campaign into a compelling narrative.

The campaign was an outstanding triumph. In just two weeks, over 4000 whitepapers were downloaded, and 400 customer-centric initiatives were launched, a testament to the power of our strategy and the engagement it sparked.

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