Designing a more efficient and accurate incident reporting system

RNLI — LSAR System

  • Product design
  • Prototyping
  • Ux/Ui development
  • Positive New Media

The RNLI answer over 10,000 incidents every year; it's critical to their operation to have accurate information about what occurred to allocate resources better and reimburse their volunteers.

Working as the lead designer with Positive New Media, I was brought in to spearhead all design aspects of the project. Creating the groundwork for the entire system, from data entry to functional , and working closely with development teams to ensure that designs were implemented accurately and effectively.

Defining the project and objectives

I assisted with the facilitation of a series of workshops during the discovery process to help define the project parameters and create proto-personas with a particular emphasis on understanding the RNLI's crew and the environmental pain points.

Then, developing user stories to help define and prioritise work and build and test prototypes to test hypotheses.

Set up for success

One of the successful hypotheses of the research was developing a set of pre-questions. Answering these six questions would create a bespoke incident form, speeding up form filling and reducing cognitive load on the user.

Examples of custom Ui elements
Flexible and expandable design system

We created a design system based on Brad Frost’s Atomic Design methodology, which was introduced and implemented.

This system allowed us to create a vast array of complex form types efficiently while still keeping the overall design cohesive and easy to follow.

Effective dashboards

We also created comprehensive reporting dashboards for administrators to monitor, benchmark, and sign-off on each incident.

Cards from dashboard
Examples of RNLI dashboard design

Our work helped decrease the workload of the Life Guards while increasing the accuracy of the reporting, allowing resources to be allocated where needed.

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